The Vertical Gardens is an innovative eco-friendly creation offering a unique experience. Designed by Patrick Blanc, a famous botanist and researcher at the National Center for Research in Paris, it features over 21,000 individual plants and more than 60 plant species from all over the world. Besides being visually stunning, the Vertical Gardens function as a natural bio-filter, improving the Mall’s air quality.

The plants have been chosen for their diverse form, color and texture to create a soothing and relaxing canvas of a tropical forest. Gardens is located at the Ground level of 360 MALL between the gate 1 & 2.

STARTED ON 10TH OF MAY 2016 TILL THE 21ST OF MAY 2016      Click Here>

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  • liason between different stakeholders
  • Complaint and Feedback Management
  • Social Media Management and Marketing Campaigns
  • Reporting and Statistical Analysis
  • Billing and Money Collection
  • IT Support and System Development
  • Storage, Inventory and Logistics
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