At Phoenix Services, we hire locally based, bi-lingual, detail oriented personal assistants who strive to provide our customers with the best service on the planet.

Now as a Phoenix Customer you have access your very own professionally trained personal assistants who are dedicated to helping you unclutter your day, manage your contacts, and supercharge your productivity like never before! Here are only some of the ways that your Personal Assistant can make your life easier:  

  • Respond to emails on your behalf  
  • Manage your calendar and schedule meetings  
  • Find and order products and services  
  • Keep your contacts up to date
  •  Deal with customer service  
  • Schedule appointments with doctors, trainers, salons, etc.  
  • Remind you of important notes and reminders  
  • Help co-ordinate your events, manage your invites, etc.
  •  Order lunch or dinner for you and your colleagues
  • Booking and reservations "including ticketing, airlines and hotel"


24/7 personal assistant     |    Bilingual    |    Reminders    |    Reservations    |    Research