Creating accurate & updated knowledge base is critical to successful call center services.

  • We start with analyzing customer queries and creating standard answers needed for all channels of support.
  • We regularly analyze & ensure that customers receives quick responses in warm style & tone.
  • We maintain an updated knowledgebases ensuring information provided to customers is always accurate and current.



Constant interaction with customers always provides companies with useful insights into their buying patterns and behavior.

  • We track and compile customer feedbacks - both positive and negative, using various tracking tools.
  • A complete analysis of feedback is performed & presented on a periodic basis (weekly / monthly).
  • We ensure that our clients have all the information to better understand their position in the industry.


We are committed to meeting your SLA within the first week of program launch.

  • We have best technology that enable seamless transfer of calls and enable high quality of customer contact.
  • QoS parameters like response time, hold time & agent occupancy are drafted in close conjunction with our clients.
  • We assess our performance against QoS and try to better them delivering customer satisfaction & business growth.


All calls are recorded for quality assurance            |            Call reports & analysis