360 MALL Vertical Gardens Photo Contest

The Vertical Gardens is an innovative eco-friendly creation offering a unique experience.
Designed by Patrick Blanc, a famous botanist and researcher at the National Center for Research in Paris,
it features over 21,000 individual plants and more than 60 plant species from all over the world.
Besides being visually stunning, the Vertical Gardens function as a natural bio-filter, improving the Mall’s air quality.
   The plants have been chosen for their diverse form, color and texture to create a soothing and relaxing canvas of a tropical forest.      
Gardens is located at the Ground level of 360 MALL between the gate 1 & 2.  

Starting on 10th of May 2016 till the 21st of May 2016


Terms and Conditions

  • All photos must be taken at 360 MALL within the specified location from May 10th till May 21st 2016 during mall working hours
  • Photographers may not take photos of people “like” guests or mall staff
  • Registration is through the official website of the contest www.kwtphotography.com
  • After registration, a title of every photo should be provided
  • Follow the steps of the website to complete uploading the photos
  • When filling the form along with the photo titles, only numbers and characters can be used. Don’t use special characters and symbols , at any stage of data entry neither as the name of the uploaded image.
  • The maximum number of photos that can be submitted is THREE photos.
  • Registration is free of charge.


  • Contestants should be 14 years or older
  • Closing date for participation will be the last hour of 21st of May 2016.
  • All photos should be presented as digital files and submitted electronically though the official website. Submitting the photos through the email or any other means will not be accepted.


  • Both color and monochrome photos are accepted in any category.
  • Photos should be originally taken by the contestant.
  • Any adjustments on the photos should be done by the same contestant. The contestant holds legal, copyright and ethical responsibility towards the photos and their contents.
  • Photos should not include contents that may insult any religion, race or ethical group.
  • Photos submitted to the contest should not include borders, names, signatures or marks that may point to the author. Such photos will be excluded.
  • The organizing committee protects all rights of the author and has the right to submit the submitted photos to the sponsors to be used non-commercially in brochures, local and international exhibitions and future advertisement campaigns on the condition of mentioning the name of the owner. The organizers committee may also use the photos in the advertisement campaign as well as local and international exhibitions.
  • The contestant may use computer softwares to basic enhance the quality of the image, contrast, exposure, colors, etc .
  • Contestants should add NO elements to the original photo. Main elements cannot be removed from the original photos as well.
  • Photo blending and multi-exposure techniques are allowed. However, all blended and stacked photos should be taken for the same scene and during the same time and by the same contestant.
  • Photo stacking can also be used.
  • All photos should be in JPG format with a minimum longest edge of 2000 pixel and 300 dpi. The size of the photo should be between 4-10 megabytes. Any photo ineligible for printing due to low quality will be excluded.

The contestant must:

  • Undertake that he/she is the author of the photo and it has not been copied or transferred from someone else and that all added elements belong to the author.
  • Undertake that he/she didn’t give, sell or allocate the rights of the photos to any other person or party that prevents the author from entering the contest.
  • Undertake that he/she has the agreements of all persons appearing in the photos and has also the agreements for elements appearing in the photos and belonging to others.

Other Conditions:

  • The judging panel has the right to exclude any photo without revealing the reasons or contacting the contestant.
  • The judging panel has the right to ask the contestant for the original raw photo in case it reached the final stages, and must be provided immediately or else will be disqualified.
  • The contestant is allowed to replace or delete the uploaded photos from May 10th till May 21st 2016 midnight.
  • The contestant will not be able to replace or delete the photos after May 21st 2016
  • All the conditions for entering the contest are deterministic and participation means agreeing in advance with all the conditions mentioned above. Photos not complying with the conditions will be excluded.
  • The results will be announced in the award ceremony in May 28 2016 'date is subject to change in case of any circumstances'
  • In case if the contestant was eligible to win more than one prize, the contestant will only be awarded with the higher value prize while other prizes being excluded.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the winners at the ceremony, while money prizes will be given to the winners as bank cheques.
  • The organizer has the right to exclude any award or cancel the contest if its sees that the participation is not to its standard without revealing the reasons or contacting the contestant.


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